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Get help. Get involved.
Make a difference.

              With Help and Support, Full Recovery IS Possible!

Austin Foundation for Eating Disorders (AFED) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing awareness and education, advocacy, prevention and support to anyone affected by eating disorders in the central Texas community.

 AFED's Goals:

  • Provide a one-stop-resource for all things eating disorders in the Austin area
  • Raise education and awareness of eating disorders to reduce stigma and misconceptions
  • Provide a variety of groups to support both sufferers and families and friends
  • Have an active role in prevention education
  • Provide tools for sufferers, professionals and family and friends
  • Offer hope and encouragement through our website, groups, and relationships

Get help.   Get involved.  Make a difference. 

DISCLAIMER: AFED does not give medical advice or treatment and is not a health care provider.  AFED is not responsible for experiences or outcomes of any resources listed on the www.austinfed.org website. The information that appears on the www.austinfed.org website is not meant as a replacement for proper care from doctors, therapists, nutritionists, support groups, etc. It is vital that you talk with your physician and a qualified mental health professional regarding eating disorder symptoms and treatment..